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Mongolia Immigration Agency is working online now

Admin 2020/12/04 Мэдээ, мэдээлэл

During the current lockdown sotuation, Mongolia Immigration Agency and its all of the branches are working permanantly. We are receiving requests by online through our web site from foreigners whose visa and residency cards expired. Since the strict lockdown, our agency has been taking actions for 70 investors and workers visa requests from 16 entities. Also we are still working on residency card issuance, extension and its registration/deregistration for 220 business entities request. Furthermore, around 1700 foreigners and their inviter companies have received information, advice through phone or online chatbot.


Effection of current situation, if you had visa or residency card expiring problem you may send your request site, If you need any further help or advice please contact us at 1800-1882 or online chat bot located at our website / during working hours.

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